What are the small businesses you can engage in from at home?

There has never been another time in history when as many micro and small-scale businesses became established as now. Before the coronavirus pandemic that caused a global lockdown and impacted the economies of virtually every country in the world, the internet, e-commerce and digitalization of businesses entities had already become the order of the day.

According to mobile broadband reviews, easy internet access encouraged the proliferation of online businesses, which not only opened up new areas of service delivery but also heralded a new era of easy access to goods and services from any location across the world.

Several people, in a bid to stay afloat during the lockdown, found themselves floating companies and businesses that provided immediate services to their environment in a bid to reduce the strain of lockdown that prohibited movement in many countries. This is however, in line with comments left on review platforms like reviewsbird.co.uk.

The good part about this is that those businesses will be around for a long time, feeding the economies of the countries where they are situated and preventing total shutdown of industrial and economic activities. It is a known fact that micro and small-scale businesses are the major drivers of many economies of the world.

Find below a list of five easy-to-start businesses that can be established and engaged in from the comfort of one’s home.


This business relies solely on information dissemination and, of course, internet connection. A blog is an online magazine-like platform that provides information on specific topics while allowing the audience to provide feedback and reactions through the comment section.

Blogs are big right now because the cost of starting this business is low – just the cost of internet connection, a reliable gadget (preferably, a computer), access to information that is relevant to the audience, and some writing skills. Voila! You are in business.

Selling of Products via eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce sites

These large ecommerce websites provide online mall-like services where merchants can display their wares, and provide their services to the public. Some e-commerce websites offer warehousing services, others provide payment processing facilities, delivery services, and even ecommerce customer support for the subscribers to their services. You do not need to leave the comfort of your home to partake in this business venture.

Coaching Services

If you are the book or academic-oriented type, with some certification under your belt, you could design some online tutorial classes for a particular audience. The education industry is huge, from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate, the opportunities for an audience are immense. Just ensure that you design your curriculum to meet the prevailing standards of your country/society, get the right affiliations and you are in business.

Fitness Instructor

Do you know the saying about exercise and mental/psychological health? Now, more than ever is when that saying is most realized as true. If you are locked away from contact from other humans or social interaction, why not leverage on the internet to socialize while also getting some pounds off your midsection? 

All you need is a video camera, some music, some workout clothes and products, and a subscription on services like YouTube to gain followership. You don’t even have to do hardcore exercises for this – yoga, dancing and other fun exercises can be good choices for starting the business in your sitting room.

Virtual Assistant

As many businesses now have to conduct his/her business online, many office executives require the services of an administrative assistant to help with scheduling, answering email and calls and generally ensuring that their businesses work smoothly. If you are inclined to provide this type of services, all you’ll need are a laptop, internet connection, telephone, notepads, a workstation in your home and an analytic mind.