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While shortness of breath could be an associated symptom of coronavirus, it could also normally happen in wholesome folks because of excessive temperatures, strenuous workout routines, excessive altitude, nervousness, and stress. When assessing your shortness of breath, you will need to think about other components such as potential exposures, the severity of your breathlessness, any progression in signs, and other potential indicators of an infection.

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A negative test outcome implies that it is unlikely you have COVID-19. Your outcome could read “adverse” or “not detected.” Sometimes there are false negatives, which implies you have the disease however the take a look at would not detect it. If you have a fever, cough, or chilly signs, you should stay residence and decrease contact with others. If you are involved about your symptoms, call your main care provider. Shortness of breath refers broadly to the feeling of chest tightness, a “hunger” for … Read More