Some Reasons for the Used Goods Business

Some Reasons for the Used Goods Business. Currently, the sale of these products is known as the thrift store. If you want to start a business, a thrift store is a modern business that is perfect for now. Businesses that do not require large initial capital and can generate large amounts of profit.

What is a thrift store business?

Some Reasons for the Used Goods Business. As the name implies, thrift means saving or how to use money by avoiding waste and store means to shop. A thrift store can be defined as a thrift store. Stores that sell used goods from outside and within the country. Since 2013, the trade-in used goods have begun to enter Indonesia, starting from rare goods to goods with well-known brands. However, in the thrift store business, whatever the goods and brand name, as long as the used goods are in good condition and suitable for use, they can be traded.

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Types of products

In the thrift store business, various kinds of products can be bought and sold. We can sell used clothes, pants, hats to shoes.


Used clothes can be the main choice in starting this business. This type has many categories starting from shirts, jackets, jeans, and trousers. Even vests can be bought and sold.


Premium watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, and Omega can be used as one of our products or collections. However, if you have a little capital, you can sell used local watches such as the Eiger, Expedition, and Woodka which are also often marketed by thrift shoppers.


Like watches, bags are also often bought and sold in this business. The better the brand name being sold, the higher the value. But back to our target market. Which determines the target market of the lower, middle, or upper economic class.


It’s not uncommon for thrift stores to sell this type. Especially for rare or limited edition shoes. It can even sell for a higher price if you have cardboard or purchase notes.


We can also sell used books. Starting from books that are often needed by schoolchildren to rare books for collectors. There are many kinds of books such as comics, dictionaries, novels to guidebooks.


Of course, this is one type of product that cannot be started with a small amount of capital. However, the need for gold will continue to sell well in the market because its value usually continues to increase from time to time. What’s more, if there is a certificate for every piece of jewelry sold.

Household Products

Apart from the previous products, you can also sell household products such as carpets, glasses, glass plates, pans to pans. Of course, you also have to pay attention to every product you sell so that people who have bought will feel confident and will buy back products to your business.
Why Should a Thrift Store?
Favored by a certain age
Small Capital Big Profit
Many enthusiasts
Multiple Platforms