Maintenance of a laser machine

Each laser machine requires continuous maintenance to obtain good engraving and cutting quality and to avoid possible failures caused by residues that accumulate in the optical elements. In addition to needing a laser chiller machine, you will have to deal with the laser machine in different ways.

For example, for cleaning and lubricating the mechanical system of the guides, you must know that the residue of the material that is cut also adheres to the guides. This can lead to a reduction in the quality of the engraving and cutting, in addition to the deterioration of the same due to incorrect maintenance and lubrication. To clean the guides, you can use a cloth moistened with a degreaser. Once cleaned, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of lubricant so that the movement is smooth during work, optimizing the motors and the quality of the engraving.

Secondly, the demineralized water inside the cooling chiller must be clean. The water cooling system, like the beam path, must be clean and contain the right amount of chemicals. Otherwise, dirt, particles and corrosion can accumulate on the components that rely on that water for cooling. For example, let’s imagine the cooling of the water passing through the cathodes supported by the CO2 laser. If the water is cloudy, the cathodes can be contaminated. Basic cooling system maintenance includes annual flushing and chiller filter replacement every six months. In addition, it must be ensured that the air cooling of the chiller is working properly.

Otherwise, debris from the surrounding air can penetrate the system. Furthermore, for anyone who owns such a machine, the advice is to always check the laser beam path of the laser cutting and engraving machine before each job. The customer can calibrate through the laser beam by adjusting the mirrors of the laser machine. More information is in the instruction manual. The one just mentioned is nothing more than a sort of routine designed to save money. It is important that the chiller is running and that the machine is clean. When the path of the laser beam is uncontaminated, the passage of the laser over the various lenses takes place correctly, allowing excellent cutting and engraving results to be obtained. Most of the components of a laser cutter should remain clean. It is very important to focus on how to keep the system clean and on which components to check during preventive maintenance.